Sunday, December 8, 2013

Acting Reel & Facial Animation Tests (2D and Stop-motion reels below)

Joel Brinkerhoff Demo Reel from Joel Brinkerhoff on Vimeo.


Koodos El Tabador animated using 3D Studio Max

First Tech Squirrels animated using Cinema 4D

Animation of all principal characters and interacting support cast in scenes from Paramount/Nickelodeon feature The Barnyard Movie.  Animated using XSI

Three Facial Animation Tests from Joel Brinkerhoff on Vimeo.


Three facial animation tests in Maya using different audio tracks as an exercises just for fun.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

2D Reel (stop-motion and computer reels below)

Scenes from Cartoon Networks "The Mr. Men Show" and Hallmark Channels "Hoops & Yoyo's Haunted Halloween"

Mr. Men animated in Flash- Weasle, Popeye, Pan and Jerry Mouse animated in Toon Boom Animate- Hoops & Yoyo animated in Harmony.